Interactive Display Shootout

Interactive Display Shootout

Panel Shootout


By Mark Cooper -


We recently set up a side by side comparison of the following displays within a classroom environment:

  • BenQ 55″ – RP552
  • Philips 65″ – 65BDL3010T
  • Hitachi 75″ – HILF75101 
  • Panasonic 65″ –  TH-65LFB70W

Our aim of this shootout was to reference each panel’s capacity within the end user environment, whist also picking up the intricacies between each display to work out where the strengths of each are.  Never before have we been able to put multiple displays in the same room and give them a run for their money, so this was critical to make the most of this opportunity.

BenQ 55″ RP552

Also available in 65″, 70″, 75″, 79″ & 84″
3 Yr Warranty


Whilst this was the smallest panel on the night, it shares the same platform as the biggest sibling the RP653 (65″) and RP703 (70″).  At the heart of this display is it’s closed Android OS featuring BenQ’s EZWrite software, Web Browser*, Media Player, WPS Office and Adobe Viewer.  This allows users to operate the device without a PC if required, whilst the EZWrite whiteboard software also has the ability to save the whiteboard information onto the internal memory or external USB drive. Featuring up to 10-pt touch on the 55″ (20-pt on the RP653) and built-in anti-glare and a large range of connectivity options (3 x HDMI, 2 x VGA/D-SUB), along with wired and wireless* network connectivity options, this is the perfect all-rounder for the modern classroom.

Using this device in the shootout, the anti-glare worked well in the bright room to diffuse reflections, whilst the 350-nit bright panel helped punch through to give clear images.  The Android OS was very responsive and provided a clear advantage as the panel can function as a whiteboard straight out of the box.


  • Inbuilt Android OS allows PC free operation
  • Connectivity Options
  • Anti-Glare works well to diffuse reflections in the classroom environment
  • Inbuilt system menu works via the touch interface, including input connection commands


Philips 65″ 65BDL3010T

Also available in 43″, 55″, 75″ & 84″
3 Yr Warranty


This is the newly released 65″ Philips interactive display, which upgrades to 10-pt touch (it’s predecessor had 6-pt touch).  The noticeable differences out of the box are the slimmer bezel and lighter chassis.  When testing next to the other displays during the shootout, this is a no-frills interactive panel that functions as expected that has good anti-glare capabilities.  Inputs include 1 x DisplayPort, 2 x HDMI, 1 x DVI-D & 1 x VGA/D-SUB.

There are some handy surprises which may suit some end users, including 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x DVI-I and VGA (via DVI-D) outputs allowing you to link to other displays (i.e. Existing Data Projector), whilst also having HTML5 playback capability.


  • Slimline bezel
  • Multiple Connectivity Formats
  • Multiple Video Output options for external display
  • HTML5 Playback Capability

Hitachi 75″ HILF75101 

Also available in 65″ (ETA Dec 2016)
3 Yr Warranty


We went with the Hitachi 75″ display as the current white-bezelled 65″ is about to be discontinued, with the new model taking inspiration from this 75″ design.  When you put it beside the others, the extra size makes this panel stand out.  The initial impressions are strong with the front firing speakers giving clear audio, and the front HDMI and USB input is very handy (although unfortunately these are re-routed at the rear of the panel into the rear inputs as required).

The screen features adequate anti-glare capabilities and has a strong impact resistance surface, potentially handling any accidental impacts with the screen surface.  The outer edge of the viewable screen is surrounded by a border which facilitates Windows swipe gestures from off the image surface.  Inputs include 1 x DisplayPort, 2 x HDMI & 1 x VGA/D-SUB.

A winner for Mac OS-X users, being multi-touch gesture compatible via optional driver download.  All other displays in this shootout are just single point touch with OS-X.


  • Front-Firing Speakers and Front HDMI & USB Inputs
  • Sturdy Screen with Impact Protection
  • Supports all Mac OS-X gestures via Driver Download
  • C’mon… It’s 75″! Bigger always looks better with Flat Panel Displays


Panasonic 65″ TH-65LFB70W

Also available in 50″ & 80″
3 Yr Warranty


The Panasonic 65″ LFB70 is probably the closest contender on paper to the BenQ featuring an in-built whiteboard app for PC free use.  When we used this in the shootout, the whiteboard works fine for simple presentations.  A noticeable standout when putting this side by side to the other displays is how much the protective screen causes reflections in a bright room.  This will work well in light controlled rooms, however in newly designed architectural buildings you may have to pull down the blinds.  Please be aware that the mounting pattern can cause issues for some trolleys and mounts, being 684mm (W) x 300mm (H).

This is the only panel in the shootout that features a HDBaseT connection (Digital Link), whilst also featuring 2 x HDMI, 1 x DVI & 1 x VGA/D-SUB connections.  Another strength of this model is the inbuilt Miracast functionality and wireless presentation (not screenshare) apps to play content from iOS and Android devices.


  • Inbuilt Whiteboard App
  • Miracast and Wireless Apps for iOS & Android
  • HDBaseT Input (Digital Link) with IP Control


*For EQ customers, this feature will not work within the EQ Network Environment.

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