Hearing Augmentation


Phonak Roger is an adaptive digital wireless transmission technology running on the 2.4GHz wireless band, offering full audio frequency bandwidth from 200Hz to 7300Hz. Unlike older IR based systems, these Roger based units require no line of sight and are not subject to interference from sunlight or bright light sources.


Phonak Roger Solutions provide everything you need to integrate hearing augmentation into your classroom environment. This solution is compatible with the vast majority of hearing aids, cochlear implants and sound amplification systems.

These solutions allow mixed or individualised listening for children with hearing loss. Students can hear the teacher via the Touchscreen Microphone, whilst also being able to hear the audio from the projector or TV using the Multimedia Hub Pass-Around Microphones provide the ability for the child to hear from multiple students as the microphone is shared around the classroom.

The Roger Dynamic SoundField is a classroom amplification system featuring industry-leading sound performance combined with plug-and-play simplicity.

The DigiMaster Loudspeaker Range offers high directionality and creates far less problematic reverberation than any existing soundfield solution.  The speaker continually monitors and automatically adjusts its frequency and volume settings by measuring the room’s actual noise levels.  This solution operates wirelessly, soon all you need is a power point to operate the speaker.

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