Brand: Epson
Product Code: ELP-MB22
Availability: Call 1300 881 926 for Update
$235.00 ex GST
Epson ELP-MB22 Mount to suit 4000-Series, G-Series and 1080p Home Cinema. Compatible models include: EB-4750W, EB-4770W, EB-4950WU, EB-4955WU, EB-G5100, EB-G5200W, EB-G5350, EB-G5450WU, EB-G5600NL, EB-G5650WNL, EB-G5750WUNL, EB-G5800, EB-G5950NL, EB-G6050W, EB-G6070W, EB-G6250WNL, EB-G6270WNL, EB-G6350NL, EB-G6370NL, EB-G6550WUNL, EB-G6570WUNL, EB-G6750WUNL, EB-G6770WUNL, EB-G6900WUNL, EB-G6970WUNL, EH-TW3000, EH-TW3200, EH-TW3500, EH-TW3600, EH-TW4000, EH-TW4500, EH-TW5000, EH-TW5500, EH-TW5900, EH-TW6000, EH-TW6000W, EH-TW6100, EH-TW6100W, EH-TW6600, EH-TW6600W, EH-TW8000, EH-TW8100, EH-TW8200, EH-TW9000W, EH-TW9100, EH-TW9100W, EH-TW9200, EH-TW9200W