Brand: Epson
Product Code: ELP-MB23
Availability: Call 1300 881 926 for Update
$215.00 ex GST
Epson ELP-MB23 Mount to suit small to medium Epson projectors: up to EB-2265U. Compatible models include: EB-1725, EB-1723, EB-1735W, EB-85, EB-826W, EB-825, EB-S8, EB-W8, EB-X8, EB-X7, EB-1915, EB-1925W, EB-1910, EB-824, EB-1900, EB-S7, EH-TW450, EB-1830, EB-85H, EB-824H, EB-825H, EB-826WH, EB-1760W, EB-1770W, EB-1775W, EB-W10, EB-X10, EB-S10, EB-1750, EB-W9, EB-S9, EB-95, EB-905, EB-915W, EB-925, EB-1860, EB-1850W, EB-W12, EB-S12, EB-W110, EB-W02, EB-X02, EB-S110, EB-X14, EB-X11, EB-420, EB-425W, EB-435W, EB-1880, EB-485Wi, EB-475Wi, EB-485W, EB-475W, EB-470, EB-430, EB-1965, EB-1945W, EB-1960, EB-1940W, EH-TW480, EB-1776W, EB-1771W, EB-1761W, EB-1751, EB-480, EB-1955, EB-1950, EB-W16SK, EH-TW550, EB-X15, EB-W18, EB-S18, EB-X24, EB-W03, EB-W120, EB-X03, EB-X120, EB-S120, EH-TW5200, EB-935W, EB-X21, EB-945, EB-955W, EB-965, EB-1985WU, EB-1980WU, EB-1975W, EB-1970W, EB-W28, EH-TW570, EB-535W, EB-525W, EB-520, EB-965H, EB-955WH, EB-945H, EH-TW5300, EB-S130, EB-X130, EB-W130, EB-S31, EB-X31, EB-W32, EB-U32, EB-X36, EB-U130, EB-1785W, EB-1781W, EB-1780W, EB-1795F, EB-2265U, EB-2245U, EB-2165W, EB-2155W, EB-2055 and EB-2250U